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Nintendo NES Controller Backpack

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We all remember the good old NES days. Blowing up game cartridges in hope that game will work. And when it finally worked after a tenth blow there was nothing else in the world that would make us more happy at that specific moment. Those were good old times, but now you can relive a little bit of that magic with this NES Controller and Game System Inspired Backpack! The backpack features almost 1:1 NES controller mockup which looks just like a real thing! And rest of the backpack is inspired by a unique and timeless design of NES console. It's a perfect backpack for every seasoned gamer, that is for sure.

  • Officially Licensed 
  • Light Grey. Pattern to Look like NES. Featuring NES controller on front
    1 Front Pouch
    1 Large Compartment
    1 Medium Compartment
  • Material:
  • Size –Height ≈ 5.5”
                Width ≈ 3.5”

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