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Harry Potter - Mischief Managed Foldover Clutch Purse

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Like any respected Potterhead would know, the phrase "Mischief Managed" is a wonderful "wink wink"to the art of fulfilling a secret mission. It's an ode to a free and playful spirit which is not easily contained by the rules.

This purse/handbag perfectly embodies that spirit: The slightly illegal but magically satisfying mischief. And that's why it's the perfect garment for a journey into the beautiful night.

So please, carry it proudly while solemnly swearing that you are up to no good. Make the Marauders proud.

OFFICIALLY LICENSED MISCHIEF MANAGED WALLET: Bioworld is one of the largest pop culture merchandise distributors in the world! They specialize in GUARANTEED licensed Harry Potter merchandise and products just like this wallet!

FEATURES:This beautiful faux leather clutch has wonderfully detailed gold embellishments. Comes with the standard pockets and sleeves.

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