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Harry Potter 9 3/4 Luggage Tag

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Did you always dream that one day you might go to Hogwarts? Did you dream about how you are running full speed ahead into a Platform 9 3/4? On that note, are prone to losing your luggage on almost every trip that you take? Then we have a perfect product for you. A Platform 9 3/4 Luggage Tag! This luggage tag with beautiful but yet, simple design is an item which every world traveling Harry Potter fan should own! And who knows, maybe one day you really do visit Platform 9 3/4! And then you can run full speed ahead into it! But we definitely do not recommend you to do it. Just saying...

    • Officially Licensed
    • Gold, Highlighted Black Featuring Platform 9 3/4
    • Perfect for Travel:Name & Address Tag
    • Material:Polyurethane
    • Size –Diameter ≈ 2”
      Depth ≈ 0.19”
                  Weight ≈ 0.25oz.

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