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Pokemon - Charmander Embroidered Blue Snapback

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 A fire burns at the tip of this Pokémon’s slender tail, and has blazed there since Charmander’s birth. The flame can be used as an indication of Charmander's health and mood, burning brightly when the Pokémon is strong, weakly when it is exhausted, wavering when it is happy, and blazing when it is enraged. It is said that Charmander dies if its flame goes out.

OFFICIALLY LICENSED CHARMANDER HAT: Bioworld is one of the largest pop culture merchandise distributors in the world! They specialize in GUARANTEED licensed Pokemon merchandise and products just like this hat!

EMBROIDERED LOGO: This hat features an embroidered Charmander decorating the front.

ADJUSTABLE SNAPBACK CLOSURE: An adjustable snapback closure makes this baseball hat easy and comfortable to wear on any size head.

MATERIAL: 76% Acrylic 14% Wool, 10% Cotton


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