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Halo - Mens Helmet & Logo Black Tee T-Shirt


Master Chief is calling you to join him in a battle against the Covenant! Join him and many other brave Marines and Spartans in the fight for the survival of our species! Join the fight! But in all seriousness, this shirt is cool, It will resonate with every real Halo fan and it shows everyone that you are a true gamer and a Halo franchise fan. The Shirt is black and it features Master Chief's head in the middle and the name of the game "Halo" above the Master Chief`s head. I bet that you would give your life for Master Chief and Earth...or maybe just for a Master Chief, no one would judge you because he is just so cool! All in all a beautiful t-shirt based on a beautiful game!

  • Officially Licensed
  • Black Featuring Master Chief Helmet and Halo Text
  • MaterialPolyester/Cotton Blend
    S*  34-36"
    M* 38-40"
    L*  42-44"

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