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DC Flash Backpack with Bottom Compartment

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You may not be Wally West, but you can be the fastest man alive with the DC Flash Backpack! You're not just protecting you're world, but the entire Multiverse as well - and you need the perfect backpack to do it! The DC Flash Backpack with a bottom compartment is a great bag for storing all of your superhero necessities and accessing them "in a Flash!" The bright red and yellow design stands out as you race by on your way to class or to stop Zoom from taking over the world!

  • 100% AUTHENTIC - This isn't just any Flash backpack, this is an officially licensed, 100% authentic DC Flash Backpack
  • BOTTOM INSULATED COMPARTMENT - The bottom insulated compartment gives you extra storage for items you may need to keep cool or keep hidden from your enemies!
  • BRIGHT AND BOLD - The bright red and yellow of the DC Flash Backpack mimics the bright red and yellow of the Flash as he streaks across the movie screen to save the Multiverse!
  • UNISEX - This is a great backpack for all fans of the DC comics and movies, both men and women alike!

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