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Bioworld - DC Comics - Zoom Bottom Zip Backpack

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Are you fast enough to get this piece of the DC Multiverse before it's too late? The DC Zoom Backpack is an all black polyester backpack with the Zoom logo displayed on the front as a reminder you are the fastest villain out there. A bottom insulated compartment and the front zipper that follows a lightning bolt down the front of the bag allow you to access your most used items 'as quick as a Flash' - or, Zoom! The wide straps comfortable fit your shoulders as you speed through the multiverse, causing trouble for The Flash.

  • VINTAGE FAN APPROVED - Fans of the classic comic series will love this backpack and appreciate the ode to Zoom in the attention to detail
  • STYLE AND COMFORT - The all-black design and wide, padded straps make this bag both stylish and comfortable.
  • HERO TECH READY - The DC Zoom Backpack has plenty of room for all of your everyday gear and your superhero necessities.
  • UNISEX - This is a great backpack for all men and women in the DC multiverse!

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