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June 14, 2018 5 min read

Guardians Of The Galaxy Facts You Need To Know

Marvel has been making some pretty huge risks in the last 5 or so years and all of them seem to be paying off rather well. Yet, Marvel’s decision to make a movie based on a comic line up that was little known, even among the comic book fans, was a gamble within the large risk games the studio was taking.

It worked though, the Guardians Of the Galaxy movie was a success and it put the little known team on the forefront, promoting the launch of a new comic book line too. But, in its new found fame, Guardian of the Galaxy is more than just a movie. There is a depth and a dimension to the rag tag team of heroes that only the most die hard fans of the comics know- and even they miss things once in a while. Do you want to impress your friends with a knowledge of GotG facts that will blow there minds? Here are 10 amazing GotG facts you need to know:


  1. None of The Heroes Were There.
    The original line up of the GotG team did not include any of the members you get to watch in the movies. Debuting in 1969 in the Marvel Super Heroes issue 18, the team consisted of an earth astronaut (Vance Astro), a human living on Jupiter (Charlie-27), A blue skinned alien form Alpha Centauri (Yondu- yes, the arrow wielding bad guy in the movies) and a crystalline being (Martinex).


  1. Rocket Racoon And The Beatles.
    A creation of Bill Mantlo and Keit Giffen for one off comic story that was printed in 1976, Rocket Raccoon made his official debut in 1982. The whole character and the story of his debut comic “Now Somewhere In the Black Holes of Sirius Major There Lived a Young Boy Named Rocket Raccoon” was referring to the Beatles’ song, Rocky Raccoon. The story consists of Hulk and Rocket Raccoon banding up to stop a villain who was bent on stealing a Gideon’s Bible. If you have not heard the Beatles’ song, listen to it and you will find that the whole story is based on the lyrics.


  1. Groot Could Speak.
    Groot, voiced by actor Vin Diesel, has only one dialogue in the movie, “I am Groot”. Did you know that the actor recorded multiple times, nearly a thousand? He also recorded his voice in different languages, such as French, Russian and others so that local versions of the movie would have that same deep throaty voice.
    Coming back to the comics, Groot was originally a monarch of the Planet X who came to earth to conquer- and he could speak! As a plant based being, he called upon forest trees nearby a small town to take over and bring it back to his home planet to study. Groot’s evil plans were soiled by a Dr. Leslie Evans, who was able drop a pile of special termites on Groot. It wasn’t until 2006 reboot of the character that he became a nice guy with a single sentence in his vocabulary.


  1. Drax, The Saxophone Playing Sales Man.
    Dave Bautista’s character, Drax, was a makeup nightmare. It would take makeup artists around 5 hours to put on his full body makeup. Bautista would remain standing during the applications’ full time. He only held on to railings for support. After the day would end, Bautista would again be at the mercy of the makeup artists to remove his makeup, taking another 90 minutes or so.
    The tough as nuts character of Drax has a humble beginning as a real estate agent who loved to play saxophone. The poor man was killed by Thanos when he spotted the purple alien on one of his scouting missions to earth. Thanos’ father, Mentor, took pity on the man and brought him back to life as a clay being, with one mission: Kill Thanos. Although Dax has only been able to kill Thanos once in the comics, there just might be a chance we might see him do the deed in the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War, where the GotG team comes to earth when Thanos attacks it.


  1. 31st Century Time Travelers.
    The team was actually formed in the 31st The heroes were more of a rebel team, since the dominant force in the galaxy at that time was (will? Time can be confusing) Badoon and GotG were fighting the oppressive regime. The GotG frequently travelled back in time to earth in hopes of enlisting superheroes for specific tasks. Captain America was one they relied on the most. GotG usually messed up the timeline when they went back to change something. Once, the astronaut Vance met his younger self, leading to the younger man learning of his extraordinary powers quickly and making him a completely different person.


  1. Awesome Mix, Vol 1.
    In the movie, the mix tape that Star Lord uses, titled Awesome Mix, Vol 1. The list contains the most hit songs from the 70s and 80s, such as Cherry Bomb, O-O-H Child and Ain’t No Mountain High Enough. This album, as the soundtrack of the GotG movie, made it to the number one spot on the Billboard 200. It was the first film soundtrack to do so that did not contain even one song that was original. The soundtrack was even nominated for a Grammy in the Best Soundtrack category in 2015.


  1. Oreo, The Raccoon.
    Director James Gunn would bring a real raccoon, called Oreo to the GotG set during filming so he and the production team could observe the movements of the animal so that it Rocket could have motions that would be more natural looking. The raccoon helped the team so much that Oreo was brought along to the premier of the movie.


  1. Knowhere, The Head.
    Knowhere, the star port GotG team visited and made their base of operations is actually a giant head. A severed head from the race called Celestials, the alien race is described by as beings who were 2 thousand feet tall and were covered in full body armor. How did the head came to be a star port and what happened to the rest of the body is never explained.


  1. Iron Man Almost Made It To The Movie.
    With the GotG movie being a risk when it was being developed, director Gunn wanted a cameo by the Iron Man / Tony Stark. This had a twofold advantage: first, Iron Man became a member of GotG in the revived comic series, making homage to the superhero. Second, the cameo by a character from the Avengers and main MCU story line would bring credibility to the movie in the box office. Unfortunately, the cameo did not happen, but the movie’s success made Marvel rethink the team and it has found its way into the new Infinity War


Chris Pratt: The Robinhood of Children.
Chris Pratt actually stole his costume from the set. He would wear it and go to sick children in hospitals. Randomly interacting with kids as Star Lord was his way of treating the children to some good old laughs

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