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June 13, 2018 5 min read

10 Unique Avengers’ Facts Only A True Fan Would Know


On September 10th, Marvel brought the Avengers together for the first time and the Marvel Universe has been a lot safer since. 50 years later, with five hundred issues and one record smashing movie after another, the Avengers stand out as one of the best works of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby duo.

Over the years, the team members have changed, increased, decreased and went on numerous adventures. The movies only cover a handful of their adventures. Luckily, you don’t need to go through 50 years of comic books to know interesting facts about Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.


  1. Thank You, Daredevil.
    Avengers owe their existence to Daredevil. There was a delay in sending the first issue of Daredevil to the printers and the comic book publisher needed something to fill in the gap. Stand Lee proposed that they should assemble a team from existing superheroes. This would help them in only concentrating on the mission the team would go on, as the existing heroes already had backstories. Lee and Kirby brainstormed over the adventure of the team and hastily sew the heroes into it. Thus, the Avengers were born.


  1. No Captain America.
    The movies have Captain America in the original team of Avengers, but in comic, Steve Rogers was found frozen in the second issue. The original members of the team were Wasp, Thor, Iron Man, Ant Man and the Hulk. Hulk left the team by the second issue when his anger developed serious problems with the rest of the team. Captain America was found by the team and after his revival, he was included in the team as a founding member. Over the years, the roster kept on changing, but Captain America was a dedicated team member and only left it when the team split in the Civil War story line.


  1. Declining Offers.
    For a team that is labelled as Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, one would believe that superheroes would be dying to get in. This is, however, not the case. Many heroes were offered place in the team by its existing members, but there were people who turned down the offers. Spider-Man and Daredevil are amongst those. They cited genuine reasons such as preferring to stay closer to home and fight the evil there. Spider-Man and Daredevil eventually did become a member of the team, but they would only come to their aid if specifically requested to do so.


  1. Franchising
    In the movie, the Avengers are based on the western coast. The reason in the change was cited that since a lot of heroes, who were based on real cities, were placed on the eastern seaboard, they movie makers wanted to place the team on the western board. In comics, the Avengers are based in New York. Such a powerful team of heroes had, well, powerful enemies. The sheer number of enemies meant that the team could not protect the whole of United States from one corner. So, in 1984, Marvel started the West Coast Avengers, ran by Hawkeye. Down the years, there were more teams, such as Secret Avengers and New Avengers.


  1. Missing Wasp.
    The team was formed in the last panel of the first issue. Janet Van Dyne, AKA The Wasp, was the one that came up with the name Avengers. The superhero is not even named in the Avengers movies. She was mentioned in the Ant Man movie, but is still to see her debut on the big screen. The Wasp was the de facto team leader in comics, and with her fashion empire, she was the one who funded the team, not Iron Man.


  1. No Kang, The Conqueror.
    Avengers, with such a big number of heroes, have a big number of enemies. Loki, Ultron and the Infinity Wars’ Thanos are setting the pace for bigger and badder enemies. With Thanos, Avengers combine the power of every known Superhero on earth, and off world. Yet, their biggest enemy is not Thanos. Kang, the Conqueror, is their biggest threat in the comic book world. But, we might never see the purple, time traveling king of maheyem in the Avengers movies. Marvel sold the rights to Kang when they had a deal with 20th Century Fox over Fantastic Four


  1. Avengers Trade Mark.
    Marvel never got around trade marking The Avengers for no apparent reason. They eventually did get the rights reserved in 1970. More than 4 decades down the road, the late trade marking came back to haunt them. The first Avengers movie’s title had to be changed for screenings in the UK, because British had ran a spy series by the same name in the 60s. The legal issues were settled after Marvel decided to rename the movie title to Marvel Avengers Assemble. Talk about a lame title to an awesome movie.


  1. Changing Cast, Confusing Lee.
    One of the most shocking development in the Avengers series was in the 16th issue, where the entire original member of the team, Thor, Wasp, Ant Man and Iron Man quit together. Only Captain America stayed and the team was filled in with other members, mostly ex supervillains who had turned to the good side. The reason lies in the creation of the Avengers comics itself. The team was first assembled hastily to fill in the delays by Daredevil issue. All of the quitting heroes had their own exclusive comic line ups and Stan Lee was getting confused over their timelines. He then decided that the best option would be to make them leave the team and fill it with heroes who did not have their own comics.


  1. Fighting Romance.
    Marvel and DC have a strange love hate relationship. They have had crossovers, but not by approval of the bosses. In a twist of fate, DC was in control of much of Marvel’s comic distribution. This led to a little bit of a corporate bullying as DC limited the number of comics titles Marvel could print. At one point, Marvel had to decide either to drop Avengers and X-Men, or two romance comics, Love Romances and Gunsmoke Western. Are we not glad that romance lost for once!


  1. Samuel L Jackson As Nick Fury.
    When Marvel updated and rebooted their heroes and stories for the Ultimate Universe, artist Bryan Hitch based Nick Fury on the image of Samuel L. Jackson, since he believed the actor’s visage was the perfect face for Fury. When Samuel learnt of it, he contacted Marvel about it. Marvel was quick on its feet and avoided a legal quagmire by offering him the role of Nick Fury in the upcoming movies. Samuel accepted the offer and Marvel has kept its word since.


Bonus Samuel L. Jackson Fact: The Avengers movie, at one time, was being filmed in a nearby studio in Albuquerque, New Mexico, to the set of the hit series, Breaking Bad. Jackson was a huge fan of the series and wanted to just drive over to its set and make a cameo as Nick Fury. In an interview, he said all he wanted was to wear the eyepatch and walk into Pallos Hermanos restaurant, order a few chicken pieces in the background and walk away. Unfortunately, scheduling demand did not let him make a cameo. It would have been a cool scene though, Nick Fury walking in and getting some chicken.

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