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March 16, 2018 4 min read

Most of Marvel fans must have groaned when the third reboot of Spider-man came in 2017. Yet, Spider-man: Homecoming was an essential piece of the puzzle that is Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. With the latest revision of our favorite web slinger, the story of Peter Parker’s alter ego and its rise has been updated to fit the more modern tech of today.


Rebooted, improved, face lifted. Call it whatever you want. The movies do not have the rich history of the comics. With years of publications, Spider-man’s background and history is deep and complex. As a children’s icon, the character has a lot more depth to the character than the movies have ever shown. Want to know more about the red suited hero? Here are ten facts you did not know about Spider-man:


  1. Teenage Superhero
    Peter Parker, as Spider-man was the first teenager to be a superhero and not a sidekick. Regular superheroes in the Marvel Universe were nearly always above their tweens and the young were sidekicks who were mostly introduced to inspire children. The young age of the hero is reflected in his attitude as he jibes and taunts his opponents in a light childish way during fights.
  2. Almost a Fly-man
    The urban legend goes that Spider-man was conceived by Stan Lee in his office when a fly came into his room and he noticed it clinging on to a wall. Lee was looking for the next big hit after the roaring success of the Fantastic Four. Lee decided to have a superhero that could crawl on walls, just like a fly. Original names range from the bizarre Stick-to-Wall-Man, Insect-Man and Fly-Man. He later decided to drop the fly and opted for a spider. Aren’t we all glad that Lee decided to go with a spider?
  3. Spider-man Was Rejected
    Spider-man was dropped by Stan Lee’s boss, Martin Goodman, who out rightly rejected the idea of a spider based hero, his explanation being that nobody likes spiders. Lee and the artist Steve Ditko secretly penned the character in the final issue of the Amazing Fantasy. A big gamble on their part, it panned out and fans loved Spider-man. After an immense response from readers to have Spider-man come in more stories, Goodman allowed the duo to develop Spider-man’s own series.
  4. & Mrs. Parker Were Agents of SHIELD
    Younger people who have not read much of the comics will know the Parker couple as scientists, form the Andrew Garfield’s movies. The history of the parents was not much explored in the comics, but just a couple of times. Richard and Mary Parker worked for SHIELD as field operatives and had went on many dangerous missions, including one where they even saved Wolverine. Shortly after Peter’s birth, they were killed in a plane crash which was a sabotage by the Red Skull.
  5. Obama’s Favorite
    Former President Barrack Obama once revealed that since childhood his favorite superhero is Spider-man. The President finally met his hero in 2008 when Amazing Spider-man Issue #583 featured Peter Parker covering the inauguration ceremony of Obama. When two Obamas show up at the ceremony, Peter Parker donned his costume and intervened. He was quick on his toes and asked the two Obamas about their childhood nickname. The fake Obama failed to answer and turned out to be the Chameleon.
  6. He Had His Own Iron Man Suit
    Ok, so everyone who has watched Spider-man: Homecoming knows this fact from the movie. But not everyone knows that the suite is based of the Civil War story line where Tony Stark made a suit for Spider-man when sided with him over Captain America. This is faithfully followed in the movie. The suit is full of Stark tech and has many different gadgets, including armor, different types of shooting webs, stealth mode and the comics even featured three mechanical spider legs that popped out when needed.
  7. Four Alter Egos
    Spider-man had donned 4 other alter egos when he was framed for the murder of Norman Osborne. Unable to continue as Spider-man due to the public outcry, he dropped the use of the red suit and came up with 4 different personas. Ricochet and Dusk were the villain personalities he used to gain trust of the villains and infiltrate their gangs. He busted the gangs with Hornet and Prodigy
  8. A Team Player
    Spider-man has teamed up with different superheroes often. This even includes crossovers with DC’s Superman and Batman. He has even helped the Autobots defeat Decepticons. His most memorable team up was with Fantastic Four when Johnny Storm tragically died. He replaced him and the team was renamed as the Fantastic Foundation. Mr. Fantastic even made him a Fantastic suit that could switch from being a regular suit to his spider suit with just a flick of his thought.
  9. Venom Was A Fan Fiction
    Venom, one of the darkest foes of Spider-man, was actually a fan fiction. The symbiont that once tapped on the darkest emotions of Peter Parker and then Eddie Brock, was the creation of one Randy Schueller who sent in his work for a contest. The original design depicted a black clad Spider-man with web under his arms to act as wings, allowing him to glide; and a red spider on the chest. Marvel only used the black dress in its representation of Venom, but later on, added the spider logo. Schueller was paid $220 ($550 roughly in today’s value) for the rights to his design.
  10. Spider-man And Insecticides
    Spider-man is famous for taking a fair amount of beating. He was one of the few heroes who would regularly get a pounding. So much that he is the most killed superhero in alternate earths of Marvel multiverse. With the same weight and size to strength ratio to that of a spider, Peter Parker is one tough teenager with amazing strength and fast reflexes. Yet, with his strengths, he also gained spider weaknesses. He is quite vulnerable to pesticides, particularly ethyl chloride. A relatively lesser known chemical today, it was used for everything, killing insects to add anti knocking agents in petrol during the 50s and 60s.

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