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March 02, 2018 5 min read

Everyone loves superheroes. Marvel Studios has made a new generation of superhero fans through its Marvel Cinematic Universe. Yet, with nearly 80 years of comic publication history, Marvel just cannot capture two generations’ worth of stories in a few movies. Billed as the First Avenger, Captain America is one of the oldest member of the team. Here are 10 facts about Captain America you probably did not know:


  1. Super American.
    As a symbol of America, and possessing super soldier serum’s power, the good old Cap’ was almost named Super American. The creators of the character, Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, wanted a hero that was the symbol of everything America and possessing a strong political stand of the country. The original name screamed out everything they wanted: Super hero who was an American. The duo then realized that the name was too cliché with the word Super, since that time every comic publication was naming their new heroes with it in their name. Eventually, they decided to go with Captain America.
  2. The Shield.
    Captain America’s iconic weapon/defense tool is his shield. In his debut comic, Captain America had a triangular shield instead of his much known round one. The similarity of the shield with Archie’s comic superhero, The Shield nearly led to a lawsuit. To avoid the issue, the character was given a round shield in the next comic publication.
  3. More About Shield.
    Captain America’s shield in comics is an alloy of two fictional metals, Vibranium and Adamantium. Vibranium is a metal mined from the fictional African nation of Wakanda (Black Panther’s country). This metal has properties of absorbing vibrations and shocks. The metal Adamantium is what gave the shield its near indestructible powers. This is the same metal used on the skeleton on Wolverine. In the movie version, only Vibranium is mentioned as the composition of the shield since Adamantium is from X-Men storyline, which is owned by 20th Century Fox. The super strength in MCU is never explained since Vibranium should have made his shield nothing more than a humming disk which was weak and easily breakable.
  4. Not The First Avenger.
    Usually billed as the first Avenger, Captain America was in fact not. The original Avenger members were Thor, Ant-Man, Wasp, Iron Man and Hulk. Hulk left the team after having issues with members since he could not control his rage and his destructive sprees would be more of an issue of property and lives’ safety. Captain America joined after Hulk had left. Over the years, different heroes joined and left the team and he was the only “original” member left eventually.
  5. A Patriot, But Not A Nationalist.
    Despite his name, Captain America is neither a nationalist nor a Pro American in terms of political representation. Created originally during the World War 2 era, fighting the Axis Powers, he had evolved over the years to be more of a man of righteous principles. He would occasionally go against the US government if his beliefs were not aligned with the authority’s. This is most evident in the Civil War comic and movie story line. An opponent of the Superhero Registration Act, he and Iron Man fought each other (with other heroes on both sides) as Iron Man tried to bring him in and he refused. Captain America only stops in the comics when he realizes that with the infighting, the superheroes were doing more harm than good.
  6. Picking Mjolnir.
    During an elevator scene in Avengers: Age Of Ultron, Tony Stark quips that although a person not worthy and cannot pick up Thor’s Mjolnir, it still allows the elevator to go up and down, essentially picking up the hammer. This was a bit of an issue with Steve as he annoyingly declares the elevator as not worthy, since he was only able to budge the hammer a little when the team had a go at it.
    In comics, however, he has lifted the Mjolnir on at least two different occasions, showing the purity of his heart. As a true gentleman, he always returned the hammer to Thor, showing his friendship and righteous nature.
  7. To Do List.
    After being thawed out, Captain America found that he had been suspended in the Arctic ice for nearly 70 years. The world had changed for the patriot. He had a small list made on things to catch up. In the movie, this is in the form of a small notebook that he keeps on him. Different versions of the book exist, being edited into the movie depending upon the region it was released in. USA version has things like the moon landing, Star Trek and Star Wars and Steve Jobs. In the French dubbed version, the book list includes 1998 Football World Cup, Daft Punk and the movie, Fifth Element.
    Interesting fact about the moon landing: there is a story line of Captain America called The House of M, where Captain America is the first man on the moon!
  8. Fifth Performance.
    MCU’s Captain America movie was not the character’s first live action performance. There have been three direct to television movies, one in 1944 and two in 1979. There has also been a theatrical version that ran for a limited time in 1990.
  9. Before The Super Serum.
    In comics and the MCU, Steve Rogers was made into a super solder with the help of the super serum and vita-ray process. Yet, in all versions of existence, Captain America never possessed super powers. His strength, speed, agility and healing powers have been extended to the peak of human conditioning through the process, yet he is vulnerable to bullets and can bleed.
    Before the super soldier program made him tough as nails, Steve Rogers was a small, frail young man. According to his medical report, he has a cocktail of physical problems, such as scarlet fever, asthma, epilepsy, chronic colds, rheumatic fever, fatigue, heart palpitations, diabetes, stroke and even cancer.
  10. Chris Evan Turned Down The Role.
    Can you believe someone else playing the character in the MCU? That almost happened. Thrice!
    Actor Chris Evan turned down the role three times, citing that such an iconic role would make him too famous and his privacy and personal life will be effected. The repeated attempt to bring him on board was not a desperation though. A lot of other actors were interested and quite a few were even seriously considered, like Channing Tatum, Jensen Ackels and Will Smith. Another actor that nearly got the part was Sebastian Stan. He was a very close to getting the part, but it was not until Robert Downey Jr. reasoned with Evans that he should ride the tide and be a source of inspiration to the younger generation that finally convinced him into accepting the part. Sebastian eventually landed the role of the Winter Soldier later on.

    Bonus Fact: In the movie, Captain America, when Steve Rogers was used as a propaganda machine to inspire GIs and USA soldiers, there were comic books also distributed among the soldiers. The comic book cover is the same as the actual first comic book of Captain America #1, released in 1941.


There you are folks, now you know more about our favorite Captain than most people. Use these facts whenever someone mentions the new Avengers: Infinity War movie coming up (that sees Captain America reuniting with Iron Man to defeat the new threat, Thanos) and impress your friends!

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