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June 18, 2018

With X-Force finally given a screen time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe through Deadpool 2, fans of the mutant team have been very happy to see the characters of the team on screen. The hodgepodge collection of mutants without training or integrating as a team in the movie sounds- and is- great from a dramatic point of view. Yet, there is more to than just a rag tag team of special powered people who join the cause of Deadpool.


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Here are 10 Amazing facts you probably did not know about X-Force:


  1. Cable’s The Leader

Let’s get it off our chest. Cable was the original leader of the X-Force. The time travelling son of X-Men members Jean Grey and Cyclops infected with a techno-organic virus rebranded the New Mutants team as it strayed further and further from other X teams. The rebranding was done by Cable when the original team was disabled when the news of their direct hand approach became common knowledge and other X-Men were appalled by the brutality they showed.

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  1. More Than One X-Force

As in all comics, where stories and characters span for decades, characters and people are replaced with others. In the case of X-Force, the team line up and leadership has changed over the years. Cable was the original leader who was replaced by a British mutant working for MI6, Peter Wisdom.

The team was led by none other than Wolverine later after Peter’s death. The X-Force was more of a hit squad under his leadership, taking out threats to other X teams. When Cyclops was forced to disband the team, it continued to exist and worked under the Uncanny X-Force label.


  1. Black Ops

As told above, the X-Force team was specifically assembled to do the necessary dirty work that other, more heroic oriented X teams would not. The X-Force reflected the darker aspects of the mutant world, where death and destruction was sometimes necessary to preemptively stop a villain from taking actions that would cause danger and harm.

Just like off the record strike teams seem to attract the most violent and unstable of members, so did X-Force. At times, some if its members would be mutant with dubious past. The main objective of the team was to use lethal force to stop others- and as such, who better an X-Force member than who had already killed in the past?


  1. Original Lineup

Although mutants would keep on leaving or joining the X-Force team, there were the selected few who were assembled by the team leader, Cable. The list includes Domino, Boom Boom, Cannonball, Sunspot, Rictor, Shatterstar, Siryn, Bedlam Feral and Warpath.

The members have been coming and going. Some, life Sunspot became an Avenger, Siryn, Rictor and Shatterstar eventually joined the X-Factor Investigations while Warpath kept coming and going in different X teams.


  1. Relatively New

The X-Force team was first formed in the 90s. This means that the team is now nearly three decades old. For the newer generation of readers and viewers, this may mean that the team has been around even before they were born. But when compared to the original X-Men, who debuted in 1963, the four decades seniority means that X-Force is practically a child compared to the original mutant team.

The X-Force team appeared first in the final and one-hundredth issue of New Mutants in 1991. The team got their own comic, called the X-Force the same year in August. They team and the comic was specifically developed to cover the vacuum that would be left behind New Mutants, which were slated to close that year.


  1. Deadpool, Leader or Follower?

Deadpool has been a very active member of the X-Force in the comics. He never assumed a position of power within the group, thanks to his sloppy slapstick attitude. He was, however, a favored member by leaders, since his near maniac mind to kill and maim people was the perfect tool in implementing the X-Force directive. His ability to regrow, even from the smallest of his body parts also made him the perfect killing machine that he is.


  1. Zeitgeist Burnt His Girlfriend’s Face

Zeitgeist, although not in the original line up, is in the movie Deadpool 2. Mutants, as they come in the Marvel Universe, have pretty exotic and strange superpowers. Zeitgeist, is a story at another level. The mutant’s power to spew acid is out rightly… stomach churning, to say the least.

When he was in his mid-teens, he was drinking alcohol with his girlfriend on a beach. The two were getting romantic and were making out when the overdose of alcohol made Zeitgeist throw up. That turned out to be acid- right on his girlfriend’s face, scarring her. Talk about an acid reflux!


  1. Uncontrolled Colossus

Colossus is in the movie line up of X-Force. The Russian mutant’s unstable powers have not been discussed in the cinematic adaption of the gentle giant. A symbol of ethics, he is seen having an integrity that is misplaced in the X-Force, a team designed for preemptive strikes, using any means necessary. He acts as a counterbalance to Deadpool’s antihero acts.

The steel giant’s power were not in control by the Russian. He had no will over him turning into steel and back into human form. Cable, the original team leader was able to make a device that helped him control his transformations. Colossus only joined the X-Force out of obligation to repay and thank Cable.


  1. Wolverine Killed His Son

Wolverine, while leading the X-Force team, had a major conflict with the Brotherhood of Evil. His son, Akihiro, born out of a relationship with a Japanese women named Itsu, was on the Brotherhood side.

Initially, Wolverine was killed by drowning (one of the rare methods to kill him-permanently). Fortunately for him, he was resuscitated in time by his team mates. Another show down ensued between father and son. Wolverine used the same drowning tactic and deprived Akihiro’s brain for oxygen. The son’s sharing of the same powers also meant he shared the same weaknesses. Like his father, he was later brought back to life, but that is another story altogether.

  1. Peter, The Normal

One of the X-Force member in the Deadpool 2 movie is Peter. A perfectly normal British person having no superpowers at all. What is he doing in the team is anyone’s guess. There is a Pete Wisdom in the comics that becomes a member of the X-Force. Wisdom turns out to be a British mutant who works for MI6 and has the ability to throw plasma blades. The Peter in the movie, although not fitting the prescription, does seem to be the mutant Wisdom, since a spy would not release his powers easily to anyone. Pete Wisdom is a long term member of the X-Force in the comics and whether the plain looking Mr. Peter is the same or not might be revealed in any upcoming movie.


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With the possibility of a stand alone X-Force movie in the future, which members will be in the new lineup? Over the years, hundreds of mutants have joined and left the team. Each having his or her own unique role to play. Do you think you know something about the mutant strike team that we have missed? Let us know in the comments section.

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