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June 25, 2018 4 min read

Look! Below on this page. It’s a bird, It’s a plane. It’s 10 Classic Superman Facts You Might Have Missed!


  1. He Was No Scout Boy

Superheroes today are the pinnacle of human ethics. They hunt down villains and send them to be locked up. They do harm, but a few punches here and there give nothing more than bruises to the deserving villains. This was not the case in the early days. During the Golden era, Superman had quite a few encounters where his adversaries (poor, normal human beings) ended up dead because he lost his cool.

There is this specific incident that will haunt our memories forever: He talks about an evil man who he just killed, “If he hadn’t tried to stab me, he’d be alive now. But the fate he received was exactly what he deserved.”

Remind us to never piss him off.


  1. Never Knew About His Origins

Superman, the original version, never knew about his true self. His foster parents (never named) died before he started his career. He always thought of himself as just a freak of nature. Why were his powers not seen by his parents, or why they never told him about how they found him is never explained either. This was the standard version of his background story until 1948, when Superman was retconned and is past explored and developed for the first time.


  1. A Londoner Detective

Clark Kent was originally living in London, working as a detective and solving cases. He found this career a bit less satisfying to his needs of helping people with his superpowers. So he turned towards the journalism business and went to London’s top newspaper, the Daily Star. His application to the newspaper as a reporter was rejected by the head, George Taylor.

The earth’s mightiest superhero was forced to turn back to his detective career.


  1. John Kennedy, The Haunting

His first appearance as Superman was when he saved a labor from being lynched by the local mob, who was accused of murder. The labor later confessed to him that he actually did kill the person in question, a labor leader by the name of John Kennedy.

Years later, the US president, John F. Kennedy, an organized labor supporter, would be assassinated. The coincidence was a major issue for the comics and would haunt the creators, writers and publishers for a long time.


  1. Super Muscular Control

In 1947s Superman 44, our hero used a power that he had never used before. The man of steel used his extreme control over his muscles to actually morph and shapeshift into the persona of a famous stuntman.

The power of shapeshifting would be used once again in the next issue, where he changed himself to look like an inter dimensional warrior to escape from a cage.

This was during the Golden age era, where a lot of powers were introduced just for the plot sake and were hardly, or ever, used again.


  1. Leaping, Not Flying

Superman had very limited powers when he was created. At first he was just a man with very high levels of strength and endurance. The ability to fly was added very much later on. He could initially only make very long jumps. Specifically, one eighth of a mile only.

As the superhero gained popularity, he was given increased powers to make up for the extreme levels of heroics demanded from him in order to fulfill greater and more dangerous missions. His ability to jump was changed into flying and the evolution was later incorporated into the super abilities of Kryptonions enhancing over a period of time under our yellow sun.


  1. Mermaid Love

With so many years of comics and stories, it is inevitable that a story would pop up in the comics that would be so bizarre and full of plot holes that one would wonder what were the writers thinking.

This happened one story line where Clark met a wheel chair bound girl, called Lori in Metropolis University. The two quickly fell in love, but when Clarke proposed to her, she rejected. During all this, she would always cover her legs with a blanket and Superman would never ask her to take it off, or use his X ray vision to see what is beneath it. It turned out that the woman was actually a mermaid! One strange love story.


  1. Superman Porno!

Yes, you read it right, Superman once made a sleazy movie. Well, he was forced to, anyway. A former henchman of Darkseid, Sleez used his brainwashing powers to control Big Brada and incidently, Superman was also influenced. Sleez then made both have an intimate moment in front of a video camera.

Yes, Superman made a dirty film.


  1. African America Lois Lane

In the 1970s, an issue titled, “I am Curious (Black)” saw Lois Lane force Superman to change her into an African American woman for a day.

Lois Lane wanted to do a report on “Little Africa” a ghetto in Metropolis. The name of the community is racist, to say the least, but this was in the 70s when the Black movement was making its mark and comic creators wanted to embed that cultural aspect. Ms. Lane, in her effort to report, goes to Little Africa, where not only she made friends with the local people, but had an adventure where she even saved a life.


  1. Supergirl: Jimmy’s Perverted Wish

Ok, so it wasn’t for himself. Jimmy Olsen got hold of a magic totem in 1958s Superman #123. The chap wished for a female version of Superman so that he could have some company. The result was the first appearance of Supergirl.

The two Kryptonians did not see eye to eye as the girl was a lot more different that Superman himself. She even slipped his identity at one point, making Clarke very angry. Unfortunately for her, the girl sacrificed herself in the end to save Superman by yanking a kryptonite meteor away from him and dying from the fatal radiation.


Strange facts, no? The early years of Superman history have a lot of bizarre and strange stories and powers attributed to the mans of steel. If you think that there is some power or a story that is so strange that it deserves to be listed here, do mention in the comments below and we will add it.

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