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June 01, 2018


Everyone has those movies that they watch that irritate them, you know the ones, the movies that were one way when you read the book that the movie was based off of, but completely different on screen.  The vastly loved and World renowned Harry Potter books and movie are this way.  There are a number of different things that were not discussed in the movies that could have aided the story slightly, and would have had Harry Potter fans a little happier leaving some of the movies.  Believe it or not, the fourth book ‘The Goblet of Fire’, has the most information that was omitted from its movie, but there are plenty issues with the others.


  1. Dudley Dursley and Petunia Dursley were both blonde, not brunette, and Vernon Dursley should have had dark hair with a thick black mustache.


In the very first book the description of the Dursleys does not meet their description in the movies at all.  Aunt Petunia and Rotten Dudley were boy blonde in the books, in the movie they were both brunette.  Also in the book, Vernon has dark hair and a dark mustache.  In the movie he has neither of these and, in fact has, greying, blondish hair.


  1. Winky, was a house elf that was prominent in the book as Dobby’s girlfriend, but nowhere in the movie.


This was one of the biggest issues in book number four, and fans just cannot get over it, but there is no Winky in any of the movies.  Winky is a house elf that was fired after being accused of casting the Dark Mark, something that was done by her former master Barty Crouch Jr.  Because of this she was let go and she did not adjust to the free life.  Dobby was in love with Winky and though of her as his girlfriend, and even got her a job in the Hogwarts kitchen.  Unfortunately  Winky could not stop worrying about Barty Crouch Sr. so she became and alcoholic addicted to butter beer.


  1. The movies were missing the House Elf Liberation Front and S.P.E.W.


A major part of number four was missing, but this is probably because they needed to remove it to save time.  At one point in the movies Hermione tries to start what is known as The House Elf Liberation Front.  She makes a bunch of S.P.E.W buttons, which means The Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare.  These actions are also connected with Winky and the fact that she was unfairly fired.  Through the movie Hermione finds out that Hogwarts uses House Elves in order to make the food for the students, this really sets her off and for a large part of the book Hermione refuses to eat.


  1. In the movies, in Goblet of Fire where the three friends are at the Yule Ball and it seems to skip a part, it is because it does, a conversation between Hagrid and Madame Maxime.


During the Yule Ball, at some point in the book, Harry ends up outside.  He does not mean to but he ends up eavesdropping on an intimate conversation that Hagrid and Madame Maxime are seeming to have.  If you watch the movie very closely you will notice where a scene has been taken out, this is that scene.


  1. When Harry and the Weasleys attend the Quidditch match in Goblet of Fire they are supposed to be sitting with the Minister of Magic in the Ministry Box, not above them in the nosebleeds where they cannot see.


During the Quidditch match scene in the vey beginning of the fourth book Harry Potter and the Weasley have seats in the Ministry of Magic’s booth, with the Malfoys. This part was completely stripped from the movie which was a bad thing.  This part of the book made Harry look and feel like he had something for just a minute and the movie took it away.


  1. In the first book Ron and Harry are sent out to de-gnome the garden, a large missing element from the movie.


In the books, Rome and Harry are sent out into the garden by Mrs. Weasley to remove the gnomes.  The way that the boys get rid of them is great and funny.  It was more interesting information than pertinent. 


  1. The ghost Peeves was nowhere to be found in any of the movies, he is an annoying character all through the books.


Peeves, a ghost that is very prominent through all of the books, cannot be seen anywhere n the movies at all.  He is a very annoying ghost that does not rule any house like the other ghosts do, but he does wreck Hogwarts a few times.


  1. There was no mention of Squibs in the movie, but the caretaker of Hogwarts is one.


Through the entire movie we get to hear what muggles are, and what half bloods are, but we never get to learn about non-magic users born of two magic users, such is the story with Filtch.  Filtch and his squib status are never mentioned in the movie, but they should be, that way we know why he is so cranky.


  1. Gryffindor wins the Quidditch cup in the books but never does in the movies.


In one of the books the prominent Gryffindor wins the Quidditch cup.  This is a huge part of the books that was left out and it almost made them seem like they were winners, despite ever failing.  This was not brought into the movie because it was irrelevant. 


  1. In the movies Moony, Padfoot, Wormtail and Prongs are not fully explained, neither is Rita Skeeter.


In the movies Harry obtains the marauders map, but it is never fully explained in them.  The Marauders Map was made by four people; Moony, Professor Lupin who was a werewolf, Padfoot, Sirius Black who was a dog animagus, Wormtail, Peter Pettigrew who was a rat animagus and Prongs, James Potter who was a stag animagus.  Animagus are people that can turn into animals, which is briefly explained for a second in the movie, however, no one ever explains that Rita Skeeter gets her stories because she is a beetle animagus.  All of these are very important points in the books starting with ‘Goblet of Fire’, but they seem to make no difference on the big screen.


Most of the parts that are removed from movies are for a reason.  Normally, it is because the information is irrelevant and will add time to the movie where there is normally a limit for that according to a budget.  Sometimes it is because the information presented  could form a movie all of its own within a movie.  Either way, a lot of people get angry when this is done, but, never in the History of movies has a movie ever been better than the book.

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